Imani is a 4 year old boy living in Kawangware informal settlements together with her aunty’s family. Her aunt started living with him after Isaiah was neglected by her mother. Her mother neglected him simply because her mother contracted HIV/AIDs without knowing from Isaiah’s father. His father also left all the burden to his mother upon realization that his mother was HIV positive. For now, Isaiah is staying with his aunt who agreed to be his custodian and take care of him. Their house consist of 4 people, her aunt’s 2 children, Isaiah together with their single aunt. Her aunt is unemployed but only depend on casual jobs like washing clothes for her neighbors in order for her to raise at least few amount to pay for house rent. Up to now Isaiah has reached the age which he is supposed to have joined school but up to now he has not yet joined because her aunt lack school fees. They live in a small informal house made of iron sheet, a house that has not been equipped with electricity. Food has been a major problem in their house. Isaiah’s family needs immediate intervention for food and education support.

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