Home Based Care

In most of the slums and especially Kibera and Kawangware gives you a major idea of what living in abject poverty is all about. The global definition for poverty is anyone living below a dollar a day but the folks that live in these slums even getting half a dollar a day would be a dream come true. The truth of the matter is that the situation is dire and pathetic. Because of these deplorable living conditions, most of the slums dwellers are exposed to all manner of vices and vulnerability.

In Heart to Heart, we try the best we can with prayers and the little support we receive from friends and partners, to walk with and support these dear needy families. Among the major challenges in the slums is the whole issue of HIV & AIDS scourge which is infecting and affecting most households especially for the children who are left very vulnerable after the parents or guardians pass away because of the HIV &b AIDS related illnesses. For them, they only know the cruel side of life but using a multidimensional spiritual approach and psychosocial support, we give them hope in life and most are given second chances to come out of their respective quagmires and live again because the God we serve is a living God and He is Jehovah Jire- the Lord our provider. They get more meaning in life and there is restoration of the lost hope in their lives. They are given reason to smile again, a reason to hope for a better tomorrow.

Our Statistics

That uncertainty where they will get their next meal, house rent, clothing, education for the children with no source of income, we try to walk with those that we are able to support one life at a time. Through this home-based care initiative, we provide monthly food rations, visit them at home through our team of volunteers and work with the individuals and families on best way they can improve their livelihood.