NAME: Ryan Nekesa

AGE:  3 Years


GUARDIAN: Single Mother

LOCATION:: Kawangware

HEALTH: Hydrocephalus


Ryan Nekesa is a 3 years old child living in Kawangware informal settlement together with his single mother and his 4 siblings. Ryan is the last born in the family and he is suffering from Hydrocephalus a neurological disorder caused by abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles deep within the brain. This condition usually causes the head to enlarge due to excess fluid in the brain. Her mother is categorized among the vulnerable people simply because she is single and unemployed at the same time, she is the one who takes care of her 5 children. Ryans mother relies on casual jobs. She has not been in the capacity of paying house rent, school fees at the same time covering Ryan’s medication. According to the doctors, Ryan needs to be taken for a medical checkup every month but her mother cannot afford to pay $30 every month simply because she is unemployed and has nowhere to get that money. Ryan’s mother doesn’t have any medical insurance that can cover his child’s medication. For now, his health continues to deteriorate because he has skipped a lot of medications due to lack of finance at the same time her siblings are also not going to school. Despite all this challenges Ryan is still a happy and playful child who has an ambition and promising future, his mother feels that if there can be any available support Ryan’s health can be improved. Ryan has been surviving with a pipe on his head, a pipe that has been connected to his head that assist in leaking the fluid from his head. His mother was appealing for financial support so that Ryan can be taken to hospital for operation and other medications. According to the doctor’s prescriptions, Ryan needs to be taken to the hospital for checkups every month and her mother is lacking that amount forcing her to skip those checkups. When all factors are held, constant Ryan will continue to suffer that’s why we were requesting for the available support in order for Ryan’s to be taken to hospital.

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Monthly Medical checkups and Medication $30 per month

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